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Creating Creative Classroom Solutions Across the World!

Who We Are

Yibidy brings together a team of passionate lecturers, teachers, education experts and talented artists across many disciplines - all committed to making a difference in the way children engage and learn in primary and secondary school education.

Yibidy was developed over a number of years in response to a skills development gap that leaves teachers unprepared to deliver quality Arts related instruction to students in schools.

Yibidy is a world's first generalist teacher support application for Arts education and Arts integrated/cross-curriculum pedagogy, aligned with Maths and English Curriculum objectives. It provides models of quality teaching, further strengthened by video tutorials that demonstrate and educate professional and pre-service teachers.


What We Do

We develop highly effective and adaptable teacher training courses that aim to build confidence in primary and secondary teachers to facilitate numeracy and literacy education through dance, drama, media arts, music and visual arts instruction.
We work with schools directly to maximise the resources developed and integrate them within schools.
We work passionately to increase the integration of Arts education within schools, across the world.

Meet Our Team

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Gavin Beck

(Founder) Music and dance pedagogy and curriculum design

Leanne Guihot

Drama pedagogy and curriculum design

Nicole Curtis

Visual art pedagogy and curriculum design

Dr Maura Sellars

English and maths, integrated learning and curriculum design


"Creativity... more often than not, comes about through the interaction of different disciplinary ways of seeing things"

Robinson, 2007

Why We Need Yibidy

As the world keeps changing so do education systems. The Yibidy project team draws on cumulative experience that spans lifetimes, and sees expertise across arts education, curriculum design, arts integrated/cross-curricular pedagogy, research and teacher training come together. The Yibidy team draws on decades of individual experience to deliver contemporary creative classroom solutions for everyday teachers in Maths, English and Creative Arts education through integrated arts/cross-curricular pedagogy and Creative Arts education strategies and skill development.

After teaching pre-service teachers for many years, it became evident that generalist primary, secondary and pre-service teachers lack the specific skills and knowledge to successfully implement quality Arts programs into their day-to-day classrooms. There is limited training to assist with integrating Arts in English and Math lessons even though research shows that it improves student engagement, helps to cater to the different ways children learn (i.e. aural, visual or kinesthetic) and provides more real world ways of demonstrating and developing their understandings. Children with neurological issues such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ADD) and Dyspraxia were seen to also benefit from this approach.

The development of Yibidy aims to provide rigorous tutorials and models of teaching, including lesson plan design and skill development specific to each Creative Art strand (dance, drama, media arts, music and visual arts instruction) using app. technology that is user friendly, portable, interactive, and can be linked to classroom projectors and SMART Boards.

Although there are online Creative Art resources currently available, the quality is either poor or disjointed, or they fail to provide video tutorials that specifically demonstrate the skills required to implement quality Arts learning experiences. We have found that it is the creative art skills and the processes of how to teach the skills to primary and secondary students that teachers are extremely hungry for, and we believe this is why Yibidy is needed.

Further information
Both in Australia, where Yibidy is being developed and across the globe, we continue to see reductions in government funding for professional teacher development and pre-service teacher training hours cut for Arts education in their teacher degree programs. These changes have resulted in many primary, secondary and per-service teachers not teaching Arts in their day-to-day classrooms, because they lack the skills and confidence to provide quality Arts experiences for their students.

The importance of skills development is crucial to the delivery of quality Creative Arts programs in Primary and Secondary schools and the value of implementing these ways of learning has never been more important. These skills and ways of doing, develop students creative thinking skills and are now more crucial than ever, given the volatile, complex and ever-changing world we live in today. A global CEO study in 2010, highlighted creative leadership as the number one attribute for success in 21st century business, stating that ‘creative leaders invite disruptive innovation, encourage others to drop outdated approaches and take balanced risk’ (p. 3).

Here in Australia, the Australian National Curriculum supports the need for creative thinkers, making critical and creative thinking one of the general capabilities that students will develop throughout their schooling years. The curriculum states that critical and creative thinking empowers students to ‘[respond] to the challenges of the twenty-first century, with its complex environmental, social and economic pressures… [to be successful in this world] young people [must] be creative, innovative, enterprising and adaptable, with the motivation, confidence and skills to use critical and creative thinking purposefully’ (ACARA, 2014). Creative Arts education has been identified as the best way to achieve these curriculum objectives.

Yibidy will provide rigorous, rich and relevant resources to empower teachers to provide quality Creative Arts education in their day-to-day classrooms. Focusing on skill development by providing video tutorials that demonstrate the skills in context to the curriculum requirements of their professional practice, which are linked to models of lesson plan design that are interactive and adaptable. Information and communication technology and Media Arts are included in the app. and learning tools to meet the needs of students and the culture of their learning environment. Teachers are able to access and select the technology they feel most comfortable with and personalise the teaching to suit their skills, experience and student needs.

Yibidy will reinvent the way teacher professional development is provided, through the creation of easy to use, affordable and powerful teacher training courses that are portable, compact and flexible - allowing teachers to develop skills at their own leisure, in their chosen setting. Yibidy is a teaching professional development system that is accessible to all teachers no matter their experience or background.



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