Dr Maura Sellars

English and maths, integrated learning and curriculum design

Maura Sellars brought her expertise in teaching and research to the Yibidy team working closely with Gavin on app. content and program planning.

A student at Froebel Institute in London before completing B. Ed (Hons) at the London Institute of Education, her  focus on student centred early childhood pedagogies have permeated her work as a classroom teacher, researcher and writer.

An experienced teacher, she has taught across all primary grades in schools in the UK and Australia for almost 30 years, during which she gained a Dip.Ed. in Religious Education from ACU’s Queensland campus before graduating from ACU (Strathfield) with M.Ed. (Research) in addition to working in several executive roles including Senior Teacher, Primary Coordinator, Deputy Principal, Cluster Mathematics Consultant and Acting Principal.

Other Members


Gavin Beck

(Founder) Music and dance pedagogy and curriculum design

Leanne Guihot

Drama pedagogy and curriculum design

Nicole Curtis

Visual art pedagogy and curriculum design