Introducing PrimaryMusic the debut app. from Yibidy

PrimaryMusic explores the principals and practice of teaching primary music education in everyday classrooms. The app. provides strategies for teaching music that engage students through carefully designed lessons and assessment strategies that aim to empower teachers and develop the skills necessary to successfully implement quality music experiences for students in everyday classrooms. The tutorials consider the relationships between music, numeracy and literacy; ways of differentiating curriculum to meet the diverse needs of learners in music education; models of pedagogy for programming and classroom management.

An 11 Part Course Delivered via App

With close to 2 hours of video tuition

PrmaryMusic is a one of a kind teacher development app with 11 lessons that include

  • A dedicated video lesson with key instruction
  • Lesson plan that can be printed out
  • A song learning tool to help you visually grasp the lyrics
  • Ability to add relevant learning outcomes to the lesson plan
  • Region and level customisation ability to create an approach to match your student needs


"Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status"

(Robinson, 2007)